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Q1: The script does not accept my password. It only work with "test".
C1: Each password is coded to a number (Outstring) ... for each pasword is unique number.
If only "test" is accepted it means, that you does not replace number 10009804 with your own generated for your password.
if (OutString == "10009804" ) is default

A1: EDIT WARP.JS and replace the number

Q2: How to setup script for more password. I have lost in {{{ }}}
In condition if must be every { closed with } ... I have added pages for multiple password to see you how to setup it.
A2: LOOK IN WARPM.JS (in MULTIPLE dir) and try to understand how does it work.

Q3: My provider (server administrator ...) does not support CASE  Sensitive page name. But it is needed to setup secret page nullSOMETHING.htm
C3: There is only one reason why the name is combinated. To see generated code in upper case. So it is not problem, which should not be replaced.
A3: EDIT WARP.JS ... find (label 16) page = a.toUpperCase(); and replace it with page = a.toLowerCase(); Your secret page name will be now nullsomething.htm (just convert all letters to lowercase)

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